When I was little, my dad occasionally took me to the darkroom where I got to see the process of developing and enlarging the black and white photographs that he and my mom had taken. They both studied photography as amateurs and took award-winning photos.

I got my very own film camera during high school and quickly realized just how how much I loved being able to capture the people, stories, and beautiful moments in my life. I have always been aware of beautiful light and enjoy harnessing that light.

My journey into professional photography began after traveling to several different countries, but most notably after visiting Australia, where I got to know two professional photographers. I began to realize people really can make photography a career, and I was inspired. I love expressing myself creatively, so I was curious to see if photography was a good fit for me professionally. And here we are.

Providing my clients with an excellent experience is my priority. Our sessions are fun, relaxed, and as adventurous as you would like.