Wedding: Tina & Kevin

These two quirky kids met doing something they both enjoy – Cuban salsa dancing. The two had both recently moved from Corvallis to the Portland area, and upon seeing each other out dancing a few times, they felt compelled to spend more time together. Both are engineers…so of course they are nerdy and easily entertained. Kevin is quiet and thoughtful. Tina is spunky and magnetic. It’s obvious they bring out the best in each other.

Their lovely wedding was held at the Corvallis Country Club, where the surrounding verdant rolling hills and evergreen trees were beautiful even under gray skies. Thankfully the weather cleared up a bit for part of the day, bringing a little sunshine into their celebration. Though later on it did snow a little.

When I took the newlyweds away for some romantic couple’s photos, that’s when things got silly. Tina is anti-romance. Well, that’s not exactly true. She pretends to be anti-romance, but she actually likes it, and then makes disgusted faces as though she hated being romantic or touchy-feely with her man. Lucky for her, Kevin is such an easy-going guy, he just laughed and went on with being romantic. All of this was highly entertaining for me. Even with Tina’s frowning and tongue-sticking-out-in-disgust expressions, we still captured some very touching, loving moments. These two have a great love and a wonderful way of connecting to each other. It was heartwarming to see.



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