Gettin’ Crafty

This fall, both Mike and I felt the urge to decorate our house for the autumn holidays, which was actually the first time either of us has ever wanted to do that. I guess after living together for a year, it makes sense to want to make our place homey and our own.

I love doing arts and crafts! Though I usually don’t take the time to do so. Needless to say, we took a trip to Michael’s Craft Store, and I left with an unpainted basket, brown paint, a foam brush, candles, a burlap ribbon, and a couple of sparkly, festive ribbons. Over the next week, I put two coats of paint on the little basket, filled it with little pie pumpkins and kabocha squash, and added some ribbon. It was so fun! Especially the painting part.

I need to do crafts more often. I love just about everything artistical (not a real word, but it’s fun to say) – writing, drawing, painting, reading, dancing, singing, sculpting, music, language, coloring, graphic design, web design…you get the gist. Those activities give me such joy and satisfaction. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys being creative.

And last but not least, here are my final, ribbony results:


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